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Ching, the Penguins Crusher is a resin miniature joined by a projectile penguin.

The actual size of this mini is 105mm.

This is a Limited Edition that will never be available outside of this Kickstarter. A pure collector that will be sculpted by Alexis Pagnerre aka Killer Art, fruit of Jeremy Theng's imagination who gifted us with this concept.

This Kickstarter aims at financing the sculpture and production (molding, printing and packaging) of this miniature.

Rest assured, we are very scrupulous of animal welfare, no penguin were hurt or abused during this project.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to finance the sculpture and the production of this unclassifiable miniature. We could not integrate it into Briskars, our current game, but the concept pleased the whole team so much that we had to find a solution to bring it to life. If, like us, you think this "crazy Yeti" deserves a place in the miniatures world (should it be on a table game or at a painting contest...), support this project!

 Pledge 1 :

Thank you! In addition to contributing to the success of this project, you can proudly display your "Badass" side by sticking a beautiful sticker on your car.

Pledge 2 :

Wear clothes that looks like you by adding this T-Shirt to your closet! (you can do whatever you want with the sticker!)

Black, Man regular S to 4XL, Woman fitted S to XL.

The look and size of the design might somewhat vary during printing.

Pledge 3 :

Let your inner bad boy out and get a copy of this ultra-limited miniature! (It will not prevent you from receiving a free sticker to use anywhere!).

Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Ching being sculpted:

The rates below are for information and subject to change.

They will be confirmed and communicated to each backer at the end of the campaign.

Up to 2Kg:

  • France 6€
  • EU 12€
  • USA 15€
  • Rest of the world 22€

+ 5€ / extra Kg.

The delivery of the products will begin December 11, 2018, 10 days after the end of this Kickstarter, for orders including only the miniature and goodies. With T-shirts the delays can be a little longer depending on the time needed by our printer partner. We will however keep you informed of the progress as regularly as possible.